Ed Gein’s Car

Years ago when I was in high school, some chain music stores used to have these computer databases (I think they were called “Muze”?) where you could look up bands and albums and see what was in print and what you could order.   I remember that based on my searches, a band that the computer recommended for me was something called Ed Gein’s Car.  The name always stuck with me.  I got a taste of them much later in college when I picked up a cassette comp called New York Scum Rock.

I finally got my hands on their first LP Making Dick Dance.  It’s a brilliant album.  A blending of punk rock and hard rock with raspy vocals courtesy of Scott Weis.  It’s got a great sense of humor and some unusually conservative politics for the 1980’s Reagan-Era punk scene on the track “Boo Hoo.” A real treat is a surfy off-color love song dedicated to Anette Funicello.  To my knowledge Making Dick Dance only enjoyed a single independent pressing on vinyl, but this is one that really needs a re-issue.

A follow up live album You Light Up My Liver was released on CBGB records.  It’s worth checking out but the production leaves something to be desired, mostly due to the acoustics in the venue where it was recorded.  The tracks for the New York Scum Rock comp were culled from this album.

A rollicking 7″ called Naked Man was released in the early 1990’s long after the group disbanded.  I’m usually not a fan of records that are released posthumously, figuring that they are usually just junk that wasn’t good enough for an initial release.  But Naked Man is a diamond in the rough.  Worth digging for.

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